BJW/PW InterClub Time Trial – P427 – Tuesday 18th June 2019 – Ride Request

Round 3 of the 2019 Interclub will be on the P427 course starting from layby on B3078 (Wimborne/Cranborne Road), opposite Junction to Furzehill. We are expecting this event to be very popular again and so getting your name down will be highly recommended (last year we had a near maximum field). Priority will go to first claim members of Poole Wheelers and BJW, and will try and keep as even a split between the clubs as possible, and due to expected numbers first rider will be off at 7.01.
HQ @ QE School, Wimborne. Use main school carpark, plus we have access to toilets and refreshments afterwards (which will need to be paid for as they are put on by the school).

Please allow time to get from HQ to the start as this is 2.2km from the HQ

Toilets and dustbins are provided at the HQ venue. Failure to use these when required will not be tolerated, No excuses!!


You can request a ride by stating in the comments section below your, Name (Including Surname) , Club and if you have a preference for Early, Middle or Late start slot. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU STATE YOUR CLUB!!  (or unattached)

If you are not having any luck with the comments, then the other option is to email No other platforms will be checked for entries, so if you post elsewhere your entry won’t get seen! 

Deadline for online ride request will be 4pm on the day of the event. After that we will publish a provisional start list (with some gaps for on the line entries if available, we will also post a provisional list of riders that have a confirmed entry by 10am on the day)

Any weather related updates will be posted below as well, so keep an eye on this page on Tuesday afternoon/evening if the weather is looking bad, but hopefully it will be nice again this week.

If you have not posted a comment before then your post will need to be manually approved, so don’t worry that your post is either not showing or showing for approval. If you have previously used this system your posts should be approved automatically. Don’t worry any delay in approval won’t put your entry at risk.

If you are unable to attend please could you re-post or email me to let us know. We can then give your number to someone else.

Entry fee is £5, to be paid on the day, when you fill in emergency contact details, sign the normal CTT sign in sheet and collect your number.


32 Responses

  1. Dryden says:

    Ian Dryden. Poole Wheelers

  2. Julian Snook says:

    Early start for me please, number 3 if possible

  3. Gary Trudgett says:

    Hi please add me to the start list. A middle start would be nice please. Gary Trudgett Poole Wheelers

  4. Sarah Bascombe says:

    Start for me please
    Sarah Bascombe PW
    Thank you 🙂

  5. Andy Thomas says:

    Mid to late please. Andy Thomas-Poole Wheelers

  6. Jonathan Terry says:

    A start for me please
    Jonathan Terry

  7. Gary Chiverton says:

    Middle start please Martin BJW

  8. Phillip Scriven says:

    Middle Start Please. BJW

  9. Robb Tooley says:

    Earlyish start for me please! Robb Tooley PW

  10. Matt Laishley says:

    Matt Laishley PW

  11. Rupert silman says:

    rupert silman

    middle start if possible


  12. Nick Barks says:

    Middle to late start please. Nick Barks PW.

  13. Jonathan Terry says:

    Hi sorry for the mess around will not be able to ride Tuesday
    Jonathan Terry

    No problem, thanks for letting us know – Admin

  14. Chris Hill says:

    Hi can I have a start please – Chris Hill – PW

  15. Peter Short says:

    Can I have a start please? Peter Short PW

  16. Darryl Tidd says:

    Can I have a start please, early/ middle preferred if possible. Darryl Tidd PW

  17. Craig Weston says:

    Early please Poole

  18. Nick Jones says:

    Middle start if poss please, cheers

  19. Patryk w says:

    Patryk Witkowski. PW 1min after or before Nick Jones if possible . thank you.

  20. Paul Axon says:

    Paul Axon Poole Wheelers middle if poss thanks

  21. Lauren Bishop says:

    Not looking good weather wise! If it holds out, an early start for me please. Lauren Bishop Poole Wheelers

  22. Time Trial Secretary says:

    We will be monitoring the weather situation as the day goes on with an aim to make a decision on the event by 5pm to avoid any unnecessary travel.

    Current list of entries is as follows (no particular order)
    Julian Snook (BJW)
    Gary Chiverton (BJW)
    Nick Jones (BJW)
    Rupert Silman (BJW)
    Phil Scriven (BJW)
    Lauren Bishop (PW)
    Robb Tooley (PW)
    Gary Trudgett (PW)
    Matt Laishley (PW)
    Nick Barks (PW)
    Craig Weston (PW)
    Ian Dryden (PW)
    Peter Short (PW)
    Chris Hill (PW)
    Paul Axon (PW)
    Patryk Witkowski (PW)
    Sarah Bascombe (PW)
    Darryl Tidd (PW)
    Andy Thomas (PW)
    Steve Wilson (Unatt)

  23. Robert Pilato says:

    See we are short on BJW riders so will add my name to the list – Robert Pilato BJW

  24. Time Trial Secretary says:

    Thanks Robert, will add you to the list

    At the moment the weather is looking like we might be OK for this evening. Unless things change we will be going ahead with the event.


  25. Matt Laishley says:

    Please remove me from the start list! I am sorry for the late notice. Matt Laishley PW

    No Problem, thanks for letting us know

  26. Time Trial Secretary says:

    Will update with regards to the weather in an hour or so, but for now here is the provisional start list

    19:01 1 SPARE
    19:02 2 Sarah Bascombe (PW)
    19:03 3 Julian Snook (BJW)
    19:04 4 Lauren Bishop (PW)
    19:05 5 Robert Pilato (BJW)
    19:06 6 SPARE
    19:07 7 Craig Weston (PW)
    19:08 8 Robb Tooley (PW)
    19:09 9 Gary Chiverton (BJW)
    19:10 10 Gary Trudgett (PW)
    19:11 11 Rupert Silman (BJW)
    19:12 12 Nick Barks (PW)
    19:13 13 SPARE
    19:14 14 Darryl Tidd (PW)
    19:15 15 Paul Axon (PW)
    19:16 16 Chris Hill (PW)
    19:17 17 Steve Wilson (Unatt)
    19:18 18 Phil Scriven (BJW)
    19:19 19 Patryk Witkowski (PW)
    19:20 20 Nick Jones (BJW)
    19:21 21 Andy Thomas (PW)
    19:22 22 Ian Dryden (PW)
    19:23 23 Peter Short (PW)

  27. Paul Axon says:

    Please remove me from start list thanks Paul Axon PW sorry for late notice

    Thanks for letting us know

  28. Craig Weston says:

    Please remove me from start list as miles away.


    Thanks for letting us know

  29. Sarah B says:

    Hello.. 85% chance of rain now.. is it still going ahead?

  30. Darryl Tidd says:

    Can I grab 6 or 7 pls?
    Darryl T

  31. BEN says:


  32. Time Trial Secretary says:

    It’s drying up nicely and the sun is even trying to make an appearance. We are all good to go

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