P304E/25 NFCC/BJW Interclub Time Trial – 16th July

This week is the Tuesday evening Time Trial is the interclub with New Forest CC. This event will be hosted by NFCC on the P304E/25 course from Crow

The HQ for the event will be in the long stay carpark in Ringwood (the one that has the public toilets in the corner) BH24 1AT

NFCC would like an indication of riders planning on entering so I have opened up the comment section below as usual, so please post if you think you will be riding

Cost for this event is £4, so you will have a spare £ this week to buy yourself an energy gel for the start of lap 2!

First rider is off at 19.01. Bring a rear light as it can get a bit dark under some of the trees and being a longer ride, we will getting closer than normal to sunset.

Approximate location of course start

14 Responses

  1. Julian Snook says:

    Julian Snook BJW early start please, number 3 if possible

  2. Angela Burnikell says:

    Aware it’s an inter club but would it be possible to still ride???
    If so I’d need an early start. Could you let me know asap so I can make plans???

  3. Rupert silman says:

    hi can i have a ride please early star if poss

    thanks rupert bjw

  4. Tim says:

    Hi yes as Angela are guest riders allowed to ride? Cheers

  5. Nick Jones says:

    Middle start if poss, cheers. BJW

  6. Cliff Rowe says:

    I would like to ride please

  7. Time Trial Secretary says:

    Yes the event is still open to all, not just BJW and NFCC riders. I am not about this week, but Phil Scriven will be there as the club representative. Have a great ride all

  8. Antony Green says:

    Only just discovered this feature, might be something we do for the NFCC web site next year! Yes all are welcome to ride, be good to have a larger field than lately at our longer events.

    We have marshals even where not explicitly needed so hopefully nobody will get lost.

  9. Phillip Scriven says:

    Late start please. BJW

  10. Time Trial Secretary says:

    BJW start times
    6. Julian Snook
    7. Angela Burnikell
    8. Rupert Silman
    11. Nick Jones

    Waiting to hear back about later entries

  11. Kev Ridge says:

    Kev Ridge I would like to ride please

  12. Angela Burnikell says:

    Big big apologies, but I’ve lost all my client appts synchronising with my new Amazon Fire so I’m going to have to stay in tonight to sort it.
    Sorry for messing your around!!!

  13. Rupert silman says:

    Sorry I am not going to make it

  14. Mark Hitchcott says:

    If I could have Ruperts spot or a late start I would appreciate it.

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