100M Reliability Ride Report

After some deliberation the organisers decided to go ahead with the BJW 100M Reliability Ride. Recent snow and a cold night before the event meant a risk of ice in some places.

In recent years the challenge has been lessened by modern navigation aids but to paraphrase one of our members on Facebook ‘the weather is one of the aspects that makes the Reliability series a challenge and one that is difficult to complete.’

14 riders signed in – 100M riders returned between 1500 and 1545. 100KM riders returned between 1215 and 1300.

The temperature didn’t creep much above 3 deg C. All of the 100M route was rideable with care.

Thanks to:
Peter Warhurst and Mike Woodgate.
Mark and Cathy for the early start signing in and helping out.
Bruce and Maggie for serving the refreshments and waiting for everyone to return.


John Board 100k
Darren Bonner 100m
Tony Derbyshire 100k
Rob Fisher 100m
Michalina Hutna 100k
Paul Newman 100m
Rob Piper 100k
Kev Ridge 100m
Phil Sciven 100m
Will Soloman 100m
Cliff Rowe 100m
Ian Turner 100m
Darren Broard 100k
Robert Plato 100k

Medal Winner list will be published later this week.