2021 Time Trials

Under current restrictions we are not able to host any club or open time trials. However as you are most likely aware, the situation is quite ‘fluid’ and subject to change.

With this in mind we are planning a provisional ‘rolling’ season. This will mean that we will start with a 2020 style events and publish the calendar a month at a time. As soon as we are able to, we will revert to a more traditional looking calendar hopefully in the 2nd half of the season.

The provisional start to the season therefore will look like this,

Tuesday 6th April – P311 – 7pm

Tuesday 13th April – P311 – 7pm

Tuesday 20th April – P311 – 7pm

Tuesday 27th April – P311 – 7pm

Obviously this is all subject to confirmation closer to the time.

Further events will be planned from 8 weeks in advance a month at a time (so May events will be announced end of Feb)

Also the first BJW Open event of the season is

Sunday 25th April – P454/42km – 9am