Club Handicap Time Trial Championship 2020

Colin Scott on his way to the handicap championship win

The second club Championship of the season is the Handicap. Rather than like the club 10 championship, just being based on fastest time of the evening, the handicap gives each rider a handicap allowance based on their own personal best of the season so far. In theory everyone has an equal chance to win, in reality those with a greater potential improvement have the slight edge.

On the night the lowest adjusted time, and therefore the Handicap Championship win went to Colin Scott, followed closely by Louisa Cooper and new BJW member Lee Curtis.

Handicap AllowanceRace timeHandicap time
1Colin Scott04:1524:4220:27
2Louisa Cooper04:1824:5020:32
3Lee Curtis02:2823:0220:34
4Pat Pinchin11:5032:2820:38
5Andy Khan04:3925:2120:42
6Phil Scriven02:1522:5820:43
7Lizzy Stocker04:5125:4920:58
8Gary Chiverton04:1025:1221:02
9Rupert Silman03:2524:3021:05
10Tom Stocker00:4421:5321:09
11Anja Heijnen03:4724:5721:10
12Mike Round05:3826:4921:11
13Bob Richardson00:0021:1421:14
14Sue Barber07:3829:0221:24
15Julian Snook06:4328:1221:29
16Graham Sharman05:4627:1621:30
17Chris Simpson03:2324:5621:33
18Mark Hitchcott02:3424:1021:36
19Paul Brown05:3527:1921:44