Final BJW TT

Another season end, at least for BJW promoted events, and it began and ended with a DNF for the first and last riders off the start line. Or was that a DNS for rider number one? When your chain snaps before you have completed your opening pedal stroke have you technically started? Anyway, it was a lovely evening for racing. Congratulations to Tom Stocker on his win and collecting the Pete Boston tankard. It was also an evening for saying farewell to those that have departed this earth this year including stalwarts of the club, most recently Jackie Prosser; so it was great to see Clive and other faces from the Jubilee’s history take the time to race and/or attend the food and drinks at The Vine after the race. Thanks must go to all those who supported the event be that marshalling, signs, etc and from all the members to anybody and everybody that has organised an event this year. Thanks Kev for arranging the event and all the other jobs you were doing on the night.

Keep riding, see you around.

Going back to rider number 1 , what happened to his chain? It disappeared completely. How does that happen when he didn’t go anywhere?! Rumours that he is still wondering around the vicinity looking for it are unfounded.