NFCC/BACC/BJW ‘Interclub’ Time Trial – P311 – Tuesday 15th June

New Forest CC are hosting a Joint club time trial to include Bournemouth Arrow and Bournemouth Jubilee on Tuesday 15th June on P311

Entry for BJW members is via this website as normal, and I will then forward the names to NFCC at midday on Tuesday 15th.

Meeting is Furlong carpark (same as us) and start time is 7pm, so you need to be at the sign on by 6.45pm at the latest

Payment is CASH ONLY!! – If you are unsure what cash is, ask Gary Chiverton. Cost is £5

17 Responses

  1. Gary Chiverton says:

    Ride please BJW

  2. Chris Simpson says:

    Can I ride please

  3. Aaron Kneebone says:

    Can I have a ride please. Aaron kneebone BJW

  4. Phillip Scriven says:

    Late start please. BJW

  5. Tom Stocker says:

    Covid Jab reaction dependent…

  6. Dave Pickering says:

    Could I have two spots please, one for me and one for my son.
    Cheers Dave

  7. Eamonn Deane says:

    Yes please BJW

  8. Lizzy says:

    Lizzy Stocker BJW

  9. Lyndon says:

    Lyndon Thompson

  10. Patrick Pinchin says:

    BJW Early start please , Road Bike

  11. Mark says:

    Mark Freeman BJW early-ish start is fine

  12. Paul Brown says:

    Paul Brown BJW

  13. Robert Richardson says:

    bob Richardson BJW

  14. Julian Snook says:

    Julian Snook BJW, No. 3 if possible

  15. John O'Brien says:

    John O’Brien bjw road bike

  16. Time Trial Secretary says:

    Booking now closed on the website

    NFCC are running this event, so I have no control over field placing unfortunately.

    Anyone else that wishes to either enter or withdraw, please call Margaret Reedy on 01425 653822

  17. Time Trial Secretary says:

    Don’t forget it’s a 7pm start not 7.15, and it’s cash payments only

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