Reliability Trials

The Reliability Trials are back for 2021/2022!

Free for members!

£5 per ride for non-members.

Covid Guidelines:

  1. Don’t turn up if you’ve got symptoms
  2. There is a one way system for sign on – in through the side nursery door out via the main entrance
  3. No mass starts you can start as soon as you’ve signed on
  4. Card payments preferred
  5. Kitchen will be open for Drinks and Cakes after the ride. Distancing will be encouraged
  6. Please wear a mask indoors if you are not eating / drinking

Once a month, starting in November with a 50 mile route, building up to 100 miles in February (you can alternatively opt to ride 100km instead of 100 miles in February).

All 5 routes use mainly quiet minor roads and are a good test of rider and machine. We use the same routes every year – alternating the routes in Clockwise and Anticlockwise directions.

The term reliability trial dates back to the early years of the 20th century when cycling equipment was not so reliable, road surfaces were poor, sign-posting was even worse, and mobile telephones had yet to be invented. Reliability trial riders needed to be resilient, able to navigate, capable of dealing with minor mechanical problems, and fit enough to complete the course.

Although not a race there is a (generous) time limit to complete all of the courses within.

50 miles 3-4 hours
100 km 4-5 hours
75 miles 4.5-6 hours
100 miles 6.5 – 8 hours

Successful completion of the 50 mile, 100km, 75 mile and 100 mile BJW Reliability trials within the time limit entitles the rider to a medal. The rider must sign in on completion of the event. No exceptions.


This winter (2021/22) we will be riding in the Clockwise direction.

Clockwise Routes

50 Miles 0830 7 Nov 2021 Routesheet Garmin Course Ride With GPS
100 KM 0830 5 Dec 2021 Routesheet Garmin Course Ride With GPS
75 Miles 0830 9 Jan 2022 Routesheet Garmin Course Ride With GPS
100 Miles 0800 6 Feb 2022 Routesheet Garmin Course Ride With GPS
100 KM 0830 6 Feb 2022 Routesheet Garmin Course Ride With GPS

Garmin route provides a ‘breadcrumb’ trail to follow. Possibly better on the Garmins with mapping. Ride With GPS will provide turn by turn cues on a Garmin 500. Export the TCX file and copy to the new files directory on your Garmin. If you need a hand let Webmaster know!

Sign on, depart and finish at Merley Community Centre BH21 1XE. Plenty of Car Parking and places to lean your bike. Please stop for a cup of tea and slice of cake when you sign back in.