Time Trial Calendar additions

We are extending our program of club time trials on P311 for a further 3 weeks. (June 8th, 15th and 22nd). After this point we will explore the options of using some of our other course.

We have also arranged some Interclub events with Poole Wheelers.

Tuesday 18th May – BJW/PW Interclub on P311
Tuesday 25th May – No BJW time trial
Wednesday 26th May – PW/BJW Interclub on P459 (Gallows Hill)
Sunday 30th May – PW/BJW Interclub on P415 (Ski Slope)
Tuesday 15th June – BJW/PW Interclub on P311

There are 2 further dates to announce

20th July – Club Championship – P311
3rd August – Handicap Championship – P311