26/05/15 – Weekend Results Roundup

Hounslow 100. Three PBs for Dave Pickering 4.01.02, Cliff Rowe 4.10.15 and Kevin Ridge 4.44.17. Kevin Williams was DNF after 2.01.05 at 50 as was John Marriner with 2.16.14. The winner was Adam Topham with 3.34.01 up 6 minutes on his 2014s time.

The day before (Sat) Kevin Williams clocked 22.07 in the Fareham 10 missing his PB by 13 sec.

Next week Kevin Williams rides the fast Merthyr 25 and Nick Frewin rides the Vets 10 championship at Hull. Nick clocked 21.03 this week on the same course.

Danny French came 5th in Thursday’s Arrow 10 with 23.41, his best this year on the P311.

On behalf of Lauren I urge all riders to enter the BJW Open 10 on the fast P415 course, and if racing is not your forte please come out and give your support. Apart from the excellent chance for a PB this event is a great opportunity for the Jubilee to score well in the South DC points competition. Cliff will not be riding as he has an important 25 elsewhere.

TT Secretary