Jubilee welcomes all members – social and competitive riders young and old!

Membership Rates are as follows:

1st Claim Senior – £15
1st Claim Senior Citizen (65+) £12
Couple Membership (Two Seniors) £18
Family Membership (Up to 4 Seniors) £24
Second Claim £10
Junior (18 or Under) FREE
Students FREE

To renew or join BJW online via the British Cycling website click here and then click on the ‘Buy Club Membership’ button.

Because of the way the BC website administrates club membership applications, and that British Cycling charge a £1 fee per transaction, the couple and family membership options helps to minimise extra charges to members.

We still accept offline membership applications and renewals.

All members joining or renewing agree to abide to the Club Rules and also agree to British Cycling holding their information, regardless of whether they apply on or offline.

For free membership categories please email Name, Address, Date of Birth, Phone Number and Email to the Membership Secretary and these will be administrated manually. You may also contact via this address for details on how to join and pay offline.

Any problems or questions please email Louisa Cooper – Membership Secretary –

Membership FAQ
1) Do I have to be a British Cycling member to join BJW online?
No. However Jubilee do recommend you join either British Cycling or Cycling UK (the former CTC) as being a member will provide you with Third Party Liability Insurance and Legal Assistance in the unfortunate event of an accident.

2) Will British Cycling spam me with email?
No. You can opt out of communications from British Cycling at the time you join or renew your membership.

3) Is my personal data safe?
Yes. It’s as safe as any other online service you may have used. It’s certainly safer than being kept in a spreadsheet on a Committee Member’s computer.

4) My family is 2 Adults / 2 Children, what membership do I take?
Apply for the Couple. The Children are free. Email with their details and they will be manually added at NO CHARGE.

5) When are membership renewal fees due?
Membership fees are due on the 1st January every year.

6) I’d like to join Jubilee to ride the Reliability Rides, will I have to pay again in January?
No. New members who join from October will get just over a year’s membership and not have to renew until the following New Year.

7) What’s Second Claim membership?
This is a long and complicated subject. Traditionally Second Claim membership was taken by riders who are a member of another club whom they race for. It may be that they were Jubilee members who were invited to race for another club, or members of another club who ride Jubilee club events regularly and wish to support Jubilee. In either case although we appreciate your support you won’t be eligible for Club Trophies or Records. One of the reasons for this is to prevent a good rider winning more than one club’s competition in a season, one as first claim and another as second claim. If you’d like to compete for Club Trophies or Records then we suggest you change allegiance and make Jubilee your first claim club!

8) Can me and my friend save a couple of quid and join as a couple?
Do you really need to ask?