Time Trials

2022 Time Trials


2022 League Table

Club events are open to any member of a CTT affiliated club.

New and unattached riders are welcome to ‘come and try’ out any club event. If you continue to ride club events regularly you will be required to join BJW or another CTT affiliated cycling club.

Details of all of the Club Time Trial Courses and Meeting / Sign On locations can be found by clicking on the course link on the calendar. Alternatively most of the courses are also listed on the South DC website.

The Club Time Trial competition now only count points from Club events. No points for Open results.

For 2022 we need volunteers at Sign On, putting out signs, Timekeepers and for some courses Marshalls. We have a spreadsheet to record the volunteers – email Louisa Cooper (info@bjw.org.uk) for the spreadsheet.

Tue 05 Apr19:00P429c8.5MClubPamphill
Tue 12 Apr19:00P472A10MClubFurzehill
Tue 19 Apr19:00P472A10MClubFurzehill
Sun 24 Apr09:00P45425MOpenWoolBJW Hilly Open TT
Tue 03 May19:15P472A10MClubFurzehill
Tue 10 May19:15P31110MClubMoortown
Tue 17 May19:15P31110MClubMoortown
Tue 24 May19:15P429c8.5MClubPamphill
Tue 31 May0MClubBreak
Tue 07 Jun19:15P31110MClubMoortown
Tue 14 Jun19:15P42630KMClubPamphill
Tue 21 Jun19:15P472A10MClubFurzehill
Tue 28 Jun19:15P31110MClubMoortown
Tue 05 Jul19:15P42724MOpenQE SchoolBJW Open
Tue 12 Jul19:15P42630KMClubPamphill
Tue 19 Jul19:15P31110MClubMoortown
Tue 26 Jul0MClubBreak
Tue 02 Aug19:00P31110MClubMoortown
Tue 09 Aug19:00P31110MClubMoortownClub Championships
Tue 16 Aug19:00P472A10MClubFurzehill
Tue 23 Aug19:00P429c8.5MClubPamphillPete Boston Tankard