75M Reliability Report

An impressive 67 riders signed on for the third BJW Reliability Ride of the 17/18 season.

Christmas excess and a bitter cold North Easterly wind did not deter them from taking on the challenge of the January 75M ride.

With the temperature hovering around 2 Deg C at the start the rising sun was a welcome sight as we headed towards Blandford via Cowgrove.

Normally topping the St Johns climb at Shaftesbury indicates a few miles of respite and recovery. Not today. A relentless cold headwind from Shaftesbury along the Chalke Valley all the way to Combe Bissett challenged all the riders. Personally I don’t think I’ve ever been been happier to turn right, head south and take on the Combe Bissett climb!

A few DNFs with riders taking a shortcut home, more riders than usual getting back to Merley very close to the cutoff time – it was obvious the headwind had taken its toll.

Well done to all the riders.

The next Reliability Ride will be on Sunday 4th February with 100M and 100km options.

Jacob Aries
Nick Barks
Drew Birrell
Darren Bonner
Steven Bowden
Mark Bowerman
Kate Bowers
Stu Bowers
Mark Branford
Gary Chiverton
Ian Diaper
Victor Douglas
Joe Edwards
Neil Evans
Mark Freeman
Dave Goodwin
Phillip Grant
Simon Green
Steve Groome
Craig Harris
Neil Harrison
Martin Hart
Clare Hunt
Michalina Hutna
Nick James
Wayne Jennings
Andrew Kahn
Charlie Lowis
Mike Mackenzie
David Makepeace
Maggie Maundrell
Adrian Murray
Andy Neil
Maria Nuñez
John O’Brien
Rob Paulley
Dan Pearce
Stuart Peckham
Robert Piper
Chris Raymond
Kevin Ridge
Cliff Rowe
John Samways
Phillip Scriven
Rupert Silman
Chris Simpson
Andy Smith
Antony Smith
Bob Smith
Tim Smith (BJW)
Tim Smith (Salis Tri)
Zak Snell
Julian Snook
Will Soloman
Neil Stevenson
Lyndon Thompson
Roland Tilley
Simon Tonkin
Ian Turner
Robert Veal
Kev Vigar
Michelle Walter
Richard Walter
Alan Ward
Lorna White
Macrae Williams
Alan Young