A Successful BJW Stage Race Weekend!

Firstly thank you to everyone who helped out organise and run the Jubilee 2 day stage race over the weekend:

BC Commissaires – Colin Price, Gerrish Gray, Barry Fullerton & Peter Humphreys

All the Accredited Marshalls

The NEG motorbike riders

And all those members of the club who helped over the weekend in whatever capacity:
Kevin Ridge, Eamonn Deane, Cliff Rowe, Richard & Greg Eastham, Simon Green, Julian Snook, Nick Jones, John O’Brien, Adrian Murray, Mark Freeman, Will Solomon & Claire King, Carol Tilley, Lizzy Campbell, Andy Khan, Bruce Cameron, Maggie Kirk, Andy Cooper, Louisa Cooper, Dave Mansfield, Jacqui Prosser , Clive Peskett , Keith Johns, Rupert Silman, Chris Simpson, Will Solomon, Ian Diaper, Dave Hammersley, Martyn Reader and our club President Peter Warhurst; all please take a bow!

We are also grateful to Ros Spencer from Poole Wheelers for Timekeeping & Zak Snell – UK Biking for their help.

The feedback from everyone, especially the riders has been really positive: they loved the format of the event, the course for the time trials and the road race: ‘proper racing‘ was mentioned multiple times but the most common comment was ‘We’ll definitely ride this again next year!

Above all, thanks to all the riders for some exciting racing on tough courses and especially to Luke Barfoot – Tri UK – for taking not just Stage, 3 but the overall win.

There are lots of photos on Eamonn Deane’s Local Riders Local Races Facebook page.

We’ve updated the main website page with the results.

Bob Richardson – BJW Chairman and BJW Stage Race Organiser