Close South DC Team Competition

Yesterday (Sunday 30th August) John Samways was 7th (54.49) and Cliff Rowe 16th (57.41) at the Southdown Velo on the P901. In the South DC Team Points competition BJW gained 87 but VC Raphael won 152 which means the BJW lead has been cut to 16 points.

Unfortunately the cancellation of the BJW Open 25 today (due to wet weather) means the expected BJW points gain in today’s event will not happen.

Still to come are the Forest 10, the A3CRG 15, the rerun of the VTTA 50, the Antelope 11.7 and the finally the Southdown Velo 28 on Oct 11th. Up against the formidable VCR trio means a close finale to the competition!

In other results this weekend Nick Frewin was 101st in the RTTC National Champ on the K41/10 with 22.15.

Bob Wareing
TT Secretary