Club 25 This Sun – 22nd March

First 25 of the year on the P304 course.

Sign on at Ringwood Industrial Estate, Christchurch Road, Moortown, Ringwood, Hampshire, BH24 3AR. First rider off at 1000.

Riding a 25 in under the hour, every time trialist and cyclists goal…

This is the perfect opportunity to see where your form is. But what does it take to ride 25mph+ ? Disk wheel, Aero bike, pointy hat or other expensive pieces of kit?

You will need power, for a flat route, around 270w-300w average for those 55-60mins all depending on your aero position and body weight.

You can improve your times just by pre riding the course, know every corner, what hills to burn a match on, where to rest, and don’t forget the golden rule PACING!

TIP, set your GPS to auto lap every 1mile, 2min 24sec/mile = 25mph

Have an achievable goal…