Hounslow 100M and Other TT News

Good luck to to the 5 BJW riders entered in the Hounslow 100M TT this Sunday (24th May) – They are Kevin Ridge (starting at 27), Dave Pickering (45), Kevin Williams (66), Cliff Rowe (73) and John Marriner (98).

Also riding is ex Jubilee member Richard Newey, now with Thames Turbo. Last off is another local Andy Topham who will probably finish with around 3.35.

Last year Andy Topham recorded a 3.40 (he was faster on the Derby course with a 3.23). John did a 4.17, Cliff a 4.13 and Kevin R a 4.46.

In other news BJW had 2 riders in the Forest 10 run on the P311 on Tuesday. Peter Lynk 13th with 25.11 and Peter Warner 10th with 24.48. 34 riders signed on.

Bob Wareing
TT Secretary