Jubilee Open 25M – Report and Winners

Overall winner Greg Parker

Thanks to all who entered the Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers Open 25M Time Trial on Sunday 26th June.

A challenging day for the organisers… HQ had been broken into overnight, it had to be treated as a crime scene and so signing on had to be done outside! We also weren’t allowed to prepare hot drinks inside.

Additionally there were some complications at the finish line by Electricity Board workers distracting the timekeepers.

Prize winners were:

1st Gregg Parker – VC St Raphael
2nd Stephen Williamson – a3crg
3rd Mark Denney – Poole Wheelers
4th Charles Rees – Gillingham & D CC

Fastest Lady Laura Bartlett – a3crg
1st Vet on Std. Greg Parker – VC St Raphael
2nd Vet on Std. Mark Denney – Poole Wheelers
3rd Vet on Std. Aron Stanton – VC St Raphael

Fastest Team VC St Raphael Greg Parker, Simon Berogna & Aron Stanton

Fastest under 18 Rowan Ellis – Chard Wh

Spot Prizes
10th Aron Stanton & Ben Keightley equal
20th John Chapman
30th Hugo Baldacchino
40th Peter Trunwitt
50th Fred Newton