Reliability Series 18/19 – 100km

The 2018/19 BJW Reliability series continued today with the 100km. Early morning strong winds did not deter the 60 riders that signed in today.

A few showers in the first 20 miles didn’t dampen the spirits. Dunbury and East Creech climbs as tough as ever.

Post ride in the clubhouse £2 for a slice of cake and a cup of tea / coffee (with refills). What more could a tired rider ask for?

See you on Sun 6th Jan 2019 for the 75M!

Well done to all the finishers!

Paul Axon
Will Baker
Rich Blanchard
John Board
Darren Bonner
Tim Chetland
Raymond Claridge
Michael Courage
Chris Davis
Tony Derbyshire
Victor Douglas
Neil Evans
Rob Fisher
Bob Ford
Phil Grant
Simon Green
Martin Hart
Ian Hayden
Keith Hemming
Kester Hewett
Emily Hingston
Michalina Hutna
Andrew Khan
Tony Leonard
Sam Leonard
Mike Mackenzie
David Makepeace
Jason Mallalieu
Maggie Maundrell
David Minden
Jeremy Murray (sp?)
Paul Newman
Nicole Patterson-Lett
Clive Patterson-Lett
Dave Pickering
Robert Piper
Kev Ridge
Cliff Rowe
Rupert Silman
Mark Simpson
Chris Simpson
Mark Singleton
Bob Smith
Tim Smith
Will Soloman
Don Standhaft
Tom Stocker
Lyndon Thompson
Simon Tonkin
Ian Turner
Andy Vickers
Paul Wake
Michelle Walter
Richard Walter
Blair Ward
Mark Westcott