Return of the P303 10M TT!

Tonight sees a welcome return to the P303 Ringwood-Sopley-Bransgore-Crow 10M TT loop. First rider off at 1931.


The club received a complaint last week (30th July) regarding people taking a ‘comfort stop’ in the layby at the start of the P304. The gentleman was annoyed but very reasonable and accepted Eamonn’s apology on behalf of the club. Club events this year have been well supported with a good atmosphere, please bear this in mind at future events. If you MUST take a comfort stop before the start of the ride please do it somewhere you CANNOT BE SEEN. The good name of BJW and the other clubs using the Ringwood TT courses is at stake.

Remember taking a comfort stop in public is an offence in the rule book of most cycling organisations, leading to either time penalties or even disqualification.

Comfort Stop