Squirrel Kamikaze

Its that time of year when those on two wheels nervously dodge swarms of tree rats, having come down from their perches above. Last couple of Sundays, casually riding to Wimborne for the Sunday ride meet-up, and my opening miles have been spent weeving through myriad squirrels searching for nuts on the ground-and I’ve even seen the little critters nicking each others nuts too. Now I understand that they are storing food for the approaching winter; I understand that a squirl harvest is underway, but why oh why do certain squirls insist on dashing under my front wheel? Those with a sense of self-preservation time their passage to cross the road in-front of me without the need for me to brake. In one 200m stretch, I had four, grey tree-rats trying to throw themselves under my front wheel whilst seven others scrambled for the chestnuts on my left ‘n right. I wasn’t even riding gravel – this was in town! So if you are in the Wimborne vicinity you have been warned. See you Sunday.