Time Trial Secretary’s Report 15/04/2015

A good start to the season.
The club won the inter-club competition with Poole, Weymouth and Wessex despite not trying very hard. Neither did they!

57 members have ridden so far with several showing promise.

Four members in particular have had a good start.

Nick Frewin won a medium gear 10 and recently did 54.38 for 25 miles.

Dave Pickering has won most club events including a course record for the P472 and came second in the Andover 10 with 20.53 which is close to his best ever time.

John Samways is now up to his previous standard and his fourth place with 22.33 in the Crabwood 10 beat several of the local top riders. John also won a Weymouth club event.

Cliff Rowe, after a difficult winter, is now coming into form with two seventh places in Open events and showed the club’s name winning the recent Arrow club event.

Others showing the flag are Simon McLaughlin and recently joined Harrison Fielding who have both taken second places in Poole events and Dave Pickering had a first.. Cliff Rowe also came second in a Forest event.
A few of our new members have now ridden. Three making a good start are Jason Gault, Chris Noble and Peter Lynk.

The club is in third place in the South DC team points competition only 19 behind Andover and 105 ahead of fourth placed Poole Wheelers.

Bob Wareing