VTTA 2015 Best All Rounders

The VTTA tables have now been published.

The Jubilee have done very well both as a club and in their contribution to the Wessex Group.

There were 120 riders in the 3 distance table (25, 50 and 100). Our members were Dave Pickering 36th, Cliff Rowe 41st, Kevin Williams 51st, John Samways 58th and Kevin Ridge 110th. Only 9 clubs made a team the Jubilee coming 3rd. The Group teams of 6 riders saw 3 Jubilee in the 6th team and 2 in the 10th.

There were 230 riders in the short distance competition (2×10 and 2×25) our riders were Dave Pickering 64th, Cliff Rowe 66th, John Samways 84th, Kevin Williams 113th and Kevin Ridge 201st. There were 50 Wessex riders and we had 2 in the 11th squad (Dave and Cliff), John was in the 13th team, Kevin Williams in the 18th and Kevin Ridge 28th out of 33 teams. There were no Arrow, Forest or Weymouth qualifiers but Poole had 2 with Lewis in 18th squad and Belbin in 33rd. The Jubilee came 6th out of the 23 club teams.

Bob Wareing
TT Secretary