Youth MTB – Second Session

We had another good turnout at the second of the BJW off-road youth rides on 18th November, when 14 young riders made their way from the Bournemouth Velodrome to Turbary Common, where they tackled the gravel single track, the tree roots of the woodland section and the muddy puddles of the trails.

After threading their way safely through the residential streets, the riders explored traffic-free Turbary Common, a readymade mountain bike playground with a range of surfaces and terrains.

Riders have been developing their skills and techniques and having great fun in the process. The cold weather deterred many from taking part in the third event on 2nd December but with one more event before the end of the year, on 16th December there’s another chance for riders to get involved.

After Christmas the series resumes on 6th January 2018. Contact Richard Eastham on 017186 299 909 for more details