Zwift Group Training

BJW Zwift group training session – Wednesday 22nd Jan at 6.30pm

We have run a test of a Zwift meet up for starting a regular club Zwift training session, and it worked even better than expected.

We rode for 1 hour as a group, but each rider can select their own training session to suit their own plan (or just free ride) but with the magic of Zwift and their ‘rubber bands’ the whole group stays together. We then had a WhatsApp group going for chat during the ride (could use chat on Zwift, but it’s not private)

So next week we are opening up to everyone. All you need to do is follow ‘Martin Reeder (BJW)’ on zwift and I can send you an invite to the ride. If you want to be in the WhatsApp group for in ride chat (can also be used to discuss these rides) then send me a message and I’ll add you in.

To ride with a training session, when you join the event prior to the start (where you are shown on a turbo trainer) you need to press the ‘E’ key on your keyboard to get to the training session library.