100km Reliability Report

90 Riders signed on for the 2nd of this winter’s BJW Reliability series. Warmer than for previous 100km rides; by the end most riders were smiling but had found the ride a challenge.

Main talking points over the excellent Bacon Rolls and Cake were:

Very greasy roads. An exceptionally greasy / oily section at Norden near Corfe caught out a number of riders and was the cause of one DNF.

The change in wind direction during the morning from South to North west meant a lot of the ride was into a headwind!

A number of riders signed back in after the time limit. Well done to all who finished the ride.


Jacob Aries
Will Baker
Nick Barks
Drew Birrell
Darren Bonner
Karl Bonner
Fran Bowerman
Mark Bowerman
Stu Bowers
Kate Bowers
Lizzy Campbell
Paul Canham
Gary Chiverton
Raymond Claridge
Andy Cooper
Alun Davies
Chris Davis
Eamonn Deane
Victor Douglas
Neil Evans
Mark Freeman
Dave Goodwin
Steve Gordon
Andy Graham
Phillip Grant
Simon Green
Steve Groome
David Harbord
Craig Harris
Kevin Harris
Neil Harrison
Martin Hart
Steve Hawes
Ian Hayden
Emily Hingston
Clare Hunt
Michalina Hutna
Neil Ingles
Nick James
Wayne Jennings
Andrew Kahn
Phil Kelly
Charlie Lowis
Mike Mackenzie
Maggie Maundrell
Martin Mitchell
Pete Morgan
Ben Mottram
A Murray
Andy Neil
Maria Nuñez
John O’Brien
Kevin Owen
Matt Palmer
Wayne Paul
Dan Pearce
Stuart Peckham
Graham Perkins
Joan Perkins
Robert Piper
Steve Pye
Bob Richardson
Kevin Ridge
Martin Ross
Cliff Rowe
John Samways
Phillip Scriven
Andy Smith
Tim Smith
Bob Smith
Zak Snell
Julian Snook
Neil Stevenson
Tom Stocker
Tom Temple
Daniel Thompson
Lyndon Thompson
Carol Tilley
Roland Tilley
Simon Tonkin
Sam Tresman
Andy Vickers
Michelle Walter
Richard Walter
Blair Ward
Mark Westcott
John Williams
David Wilson
Pete Wilson
Nigel Winter