A Proud Grandad

On behalf of our Membership Secretary – Peter Warhurst

I’ve just got back from two weeks holiday at my eldest daughter’s home in Ireland just north of Dublin. For some months I have been telling all who will listen that my 16 years old grandson, Sean Landers, has taken up cycling very seriously and joined his local club, Stamullen Wheelers. Like most in Ireland this club displays almost zero interest in time trials so I had no yardstick to judge his talent.

Accordingly I took my timing watch and by GPS set up a precise out and home 10 mile course on the wide, flattish single-cariageway main road between Balbriggen and Drogheda, with conveniently placed roundabout for the turn.

With an 0900 start on Sunday last, much to my amazement and pleasure Sean achieved a time of 24mins 9secs; surely among the fastest ever by a novice of his age. Maybe he was helped by the fact that he was wearing a pair of Jubilee racing shorts but watch for his name in future years.

The ride was done on a good quality bike but without tri-bars. If any reader, possibly a retired racer, has a set of such bars for disposal please contact me to see if a deal can be done.

Peter Warhurst
Membership Secretary
Hon Life Member