TT Secretary’s Committee Report

Progress is still good. The groundwork for the various BARs is on target with three vets now having completed a 100 (Pickering, Rowe and Ridge).

Many members have improved over the 10 mile distance, with at least 4 in the 22 minute bracket for the P311 and several new members now doing 24s. The top echelon of Pickering, Rowe, Samways, Soloman, Savage, and Clemas are pushing each other to new heights. Further away Frewin and Williams have done 54.18 and 55.31 over 25 miles. Frewin has also done several 10s under 21 minutes, or just over with a best of 20.15.

The Jubilee has strengthened it’s hold on third place in the South DC team points but needs a respectable third counter.

Club event entries are better than last year and many non members have praised our promotions with comments such as how well it was organised and what a happy group we were. Special praise goes to Clive Peskett and Jacky Prosser whose work on signage and recording is exemplary which makes the timekeeping task so much better.

Bob Wareing TT sec.

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