Buddy Group and Road Bike Championship

The new Time Trial season is fast approaching and so we need to sort out a few of the new innovations for the coming season

Buddy Group

We already have some ‘experts’ signed up for the Buddy group, so now we are looking for some people that they can help out. If you feel you would like some advice getting started in Time trialling the please contact ttsec@bjw.org.uk we can help to simplify the TT learning curve.

Road Bike Championship

Anyone wishing to be included in the Road Bike Class needs to opt-in for the whole season. Riders cannot take part in both Road Bike and TT bike classes. That is not to say if you have opted-in, that you can’t ride a TT bike if you wanted to, but you won’t be included in the points. Those wishing to opt in can email ttsec@bjw.org.uk, but we will also be making sure we have you in the correct class when the season starts.

Rules for the Road Bike Class are as follows

1. No aerobars, clip on aerobars or aero extensions can be used
   2. Hands must be holding the handlebars at all times whilst racing (ie. not with forearms resting on the handlebar)
  3. Sock length – No higher than mid calf (Picture above is too high)
   4. Wheels may have no more than 60mm depth and must have at least 12 spokes
   5. Helmets must have no visor
   6. Ears must not be covered by the helmet (Giro Aerohead helmet also not permitted)