Chairman’s Early Season Roundup

ED’s thoughts on the early season results…

Well… Just four races in and the season is over isn’t it? Dave Pickering is on fire, 4 out of 4, it’s a scrap for second place obviously.

A solid base of winter miles, a switch to power-based training, focus and motivation have seen Pickering come out of the traps firing on all cylinders, we may as well hand out the trophies now, there has never been a bigger certainty has there?. But what makes a favourite? Mugs money, that’s what!” Pickles” is undoubtedly going well but can he sustain it? Form in March is no guarantee of results in July, it’s a long season!

John Samways, like Pickering, has enjoyed a good winter and is hurting after three defeats to the Boss! It may take him a little longer to hit form but it will come and then we will see what Pickering has got, after all, better to chase than be chased.

Chris Courage expects a lot of himself and with some justification but with commitments on track, road, MTB and against the clock, could he be spreading himself too thinly, jack of all, master of none? Of course it is not all about these three.

Cliff Rowe will have something to say as the season gets going, the flatter courses and warmer weather suit his style.

Mark Savage has the speed but has he the desire? Craig Harris has the potential but can he “step up”, Andy Cooper has the pedigree but has he the fight? The next few months will provide the answers, bring it on.

On the road, Jason Gault, Bob Richardson, Tom Stocker, Chris Courage and imminent signing Harrison Fielding, have the nucleus of a cohesive unit, if Pickering and Samways can put aside their rivalry once in a while who knows what this team could do?

The future is bright, the future is Red, White & Blue and Bio-Racer kit to boot!