Club Time Trial Timekeeping

As of the 2019 season, Dave Mansfield will be scaling back his timekeeping commitments to the club and enjoying some well earned time off (don’t worry he will still be at many events).

As a result we are looking for other club members that are willing to help with timekeeping our events, as without someone on the stopwatch, you are never going to get that official PB or even CR (Strava doesn’t count as far as CTT are concerned).

We know we all really want to be racing rather than counting, but to provide an incentive for racers to swap their cleats for a stopwatch, we are introducing a compensatory points system for members who time keep for an event.

The league is calculated on your best 10 points scores. However if you do an event as either Start or Finish timekeeper your 10th points score will be an average of your best 9 scores. This means that not only will you not miss out on a chance to get your 10 rounds in, but you potentially could end up with a slightly higher total if your best 9 average is better than your 10th best score (averages will be rounded to the nearest whole number)

All Timekeepers will need to be properly trained in order to be able to officiate an event. There is a timekeeping training event being hosted by CTT South DC on Saturday March 9th (2-4pm) in Chandlers Ford. We will also look at training other members during the season once we have a sufficient interest. Anyone interested in the South DC event please contact me ( by Wednesday 27th Feb, equally if you want to be added to the training later in the season also send me a message.