Nick Jones at the RTTC National 12 Hour Championship

Congratulations to Nick Jones who completed his first 12 hour TT on Sunday (17th June) at the RTTC National 12 Hour Championship.

Unfortunately the results have been delayed due to a timekeeping issue. In Nick’s own words…

“The results aren’t out yet but I think I completed approximately 260 miles.

“I started off OK but the middle few hours were absolutely horrendous! I was considering retiring from the race but my Dad persuaded me to try a can of Coca Cola and some Ibuprofen (no TUE!) and try one more lap. From that point I didn’t look back and the last couple of hours were probably some of my fastest.

“I underestimated how hard it would be and I’m so glad to just have finished. The winner Adam Duggleby got a [provisional] National Record, he flew past me like he was doing a 10!”

Well done to Nick from all in BJW!