P427 24m TT

Tomorrow we head to some trickier terrain with this undulating course taking us out to Blandford and back, with a few hills to go up we may see a shake up in the top 3! For those who have shied away from hills you will be found out but one thing is sure there will be another big battle for that top spot.
I rode the 24m course today rolling round in 1hr 3mins. Its open and exposed, if the winds blowing it will be hard, the hills seem to roll well and the Badbury Rings Tree covered section is a lot easier heading towards Wimborne. Personally speaking I wont be happy with anything unless its under the 1Hr, tomorrow will be a mid season form test for everyone, make sure you eat and drink well all day then come give it your all. Who will go sub hr? If Pickers turns up will Samways finally get that elusive win? Plus we can’t rule out Soloman or Rowe both are capable winners. Craig Harris is due a good result and could easily spoil a top 3 place too! If there’s one day for an outsider to win tomorrow is the day!!
See you there,
Chris Courage

PS here are some past times

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