Rear Lights for Time Trials

At the recent CTT AGM, it was voted in to make a ‘visible’ rear light compulsory for time trials on the public highway.

This rule should come into effect from 1st January 2020, and will mean that any rider without a working clearly visible rear light will not be permitted to start.

This applies to all events (club and open) at all times of day and in all conditions, for all events held under CTT regulations other than on closed roads or circuits.

It will be the rider’s responsibility to ensure that they comply with this rule, however as a club we will look to have a small stock of emergency rear lights available.

These should only be considered as an emergency and not relied on, as it is still the rider’s responsibility if these are in use or not working for any reason.

Our suggestion, it that (assuming you have been good) you ask Santa for a new rear light for Christmas, and you keep it in good working order with your TT bike.

Unfortunately we are not able to make any exceptions with this rule, and no light means no ride.