Thursday Club Ride – 29th April

To book your place on the Thursday club ride by posting a comment below, or email:

You must book to be able to take part in this ride. Please leave a comment below by 5.30pm on the day of the ride.

As with all BJW club rides, this is only open to BJW members (1st and 2nd claim) plus new riders to the club who are looking to join.

Your comment may need approval, so don’t panic if it doesn’t appear immediately.

Please note these records are not kept for longer than permitted, and are not publicly available after each ride.

7 Responses

  1. Mark Freeman says:

    Mark Freeman

  2. Fareed Azimee says:

    Hi, I would like to join. New rider

  3. Julian Snook says:

    I’m in

  4. Ian Diaper says:

    Ian Diaper, BJW ….but only if he can make it home from work in time

  5. Chris Simpson says:

    I’m in

  6. Lyndon says:

    I intend come along too.

  7. Time Trial Secretary says:

    Thanks for all that have booked. This list is being sent to Kev Ridge, who will be your ride leader this evening.

    As he have all your details and as long as you understand and agree to the BC covid guidelines available on their website, then riding as a group of 7 is permitted. However anyone else would not be allowed to join this group.

    Have a good ride