BJW/PW InterClub Time Trial – Tuesday May 18th – P311

Our next time trial is an Interclub event with Poole Wheelers on P311.

Therefore priority is given to BJW and PW members, followed by 2nd Claim members of both clubs then guest riders.

Enter by posting a comment below or emailing Entry deadline is Midday on Tuesday 18th, start list posted soon after.

Everyone entering must have very carefully read and understand the rider information document. Failure to comply with this document may result in disqualification and banning from the rest of the season.

Couple of points to remind people
•No changing at HQ, you must arrive ‘Dressed to ride’
•We cannot give change if you pay cash. Please bring correct money in an envelope.
•If you arrive after sign-on has closed, you will not be allowed to enter.
•Make sure your rear lights are clearly visible (and working obviously).

From this season we are looking for people to help with putting out and bringing in the course signage. Remember without this we can’t race. Signs need to be placed at Avon Causeway and Sopley (as well as Ringwood, but this can be done by timekeepers if required). Anyone doing this will be entitled to a free ride (either on the night or as credit). WE DO NEED SOMEONE FOR THIS WEEK

We are no longer going to use the self-adhesive numbers, so this is a change from 2020. We will revert back to normal race numbers, which can then be returned to the bucket at the finish line for disinfecting. You should make sure that you are able to pin your own number on yourself as there will be no one available to assist with pinning numbers

In addition to the COVID19 rules, we would like to remind everyone of a few other important regular rules. Probably most importantly is the new CTT rule, which makes a visible rear light compulsory for all riders. NO LIGHT = NO RIDE, no exceptions! Also with warm ups now having to be done on the road, please remember no warming up on the course, and no U turns in sight of the start timekeeper.

Entry fee for 2020 remains at £5, contactless card and device payments is the preferred method of payment especially with regards to the COVID19 regulations. Just use your contactless card, phone, watch etc for fast easy payment. Your race number will be issued in exchange for payment. Correct change only for cash in an envelope please

Meeting point will be the Furlong Carpark in Ringwood, NOT Expro carpark. Please do not park at Expro, as it is a private carpark and we have not asked for permission to use it this year.

First rider will be off at 19.01

We are limited to 30 riders only. Priority will be given to BJW/PW members, followed by BJW/PW 2nd Claim members, before others and will be on a first come, first served basis. Unfortunately we cannot offer a reserve system after the entry deadline, but if you know you are unable to attend before the deadline, please let us know as we may have others waiting. Final start list will be posted below and on facebook after the deadline.

You book a ride by stating in the comments section below your, Name (Including Surname) and Club. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU STATE YOUR CLUB!!  (or unattached)

If you are not having any luck with the comments, then the other option is to email No other platforms will be checked for entries, so if you post elsewhere your entry won’t get seen! 

Any weather and traffic/roadworks related updates will be posted below as well, so keep an eye on this page on Tuesday afternoon/evening if the weather is looking bad.

If you have not posted a comment before then your post will need to be manually approved, so don’t worry that your post is either not showing or showing for approval. If you have previously used this system your posts should be approved automatically. Don’t worry any delay in approval won’t put your entry at risk.


Riders Under 18 years old require a signed consent form to be able to compete. If you are under 18 please include that as a note in your entry.

20 Responses

  1. Martin Jones says:

    Martin Jones FWCC
    Please put me down for a place on Tuesdays 18th May
    Many thanks

  2. Bryce Dyer says:

    Please put me down for a slot on Tuesday if there is room. Bryce Dyer, Aerocoach. Many thanks.

  3. Lizzy says:

    Lizzy Stocker BJW please

  4. Patrick Mahon says:

    I’d like a ride Patrick Mahon, Poole Wheelers

  5. Phillip Scriven says:

    Late start please. BJW

  6. Aaron kneebone says:

    Aaron kneebone BJW please

  7. Martin Jones says:

    Apologies can you please take me off the start sheet for 18th as I’m have adverse reactions to the jab

  8. Gary Chiverton says:

    Ride please BJW

  9. John O'Brien says:

    John O’Brien bjw, thanks

  10. Tom says:

    Tom stocker Bjw

  11. Oliver Barnwell says:

    Oliver Barnwell BJW please

  12. Chris Simpson says:

    No.4 please

  13. Paul Brown says:

    Paul brown BJW

  14. Lyndon says:

    Lyndon Thompson BJW

  15. Ian Diaper BJW says:

    Ride please for Ian Diaper BJW

  16. Aaron kneebone says:

    If you still need someone for the signs I can do them. I don’t know where to pick them up from .etc so will need someone to contact me.
    Also will they fit in the car with my bike as I am planning on racing also?


  17. Time Trial Secretary says:

    Thanks for the offer Aaron. Louisa is doing them this week, but maybe the next event (1st June) if you were available?

    Signs should fit in a car with bike. We have full instructions for putting them out. I will speak to you about it this evening if you like?

  18. Aaron kneebone says:

    Perfect, yes I should be at the next TT so I am happy to do them then 🙂

  19. Time Trial Secretary says:

    Thanks for all booking in. I will get the event info posted up soon